When you give to Community Lifestyle

you are providing youth and teens, in our community the opportunity to learn, grow and thrive. Without the financial support of our donors through the Annual Campaign, we could not fulfill our mission.

Fundraising For Future Heroes And
A Causes You Believe in!

Summer Camp

Our Summer Camp program develops social emotional learning through hands on activities in a supportive, safe, and healthy environment. “Playing” is defined through project-based learning, self-directed exploration and collaboration.

Flag Football

Children who start participating in sports often experience associated benefits such as 40% higher test scores, 7% to 8% higher lifetime earnings, a 15% increased likelihood of college attendance, improvement in physical health, enhancement of mental health, increases in self-esteem, and a significantly lower instance of obesity, among other benefits.

Schools Out Camp

School’s Out Camp is designed for those days when children are out of school, but parents and guardians still have to work during holidays and teacher in-service days

Why Donate to Us?

Our goal to help create a better future

Community Lifestyle conducts its Annual Campaign to help make our mission a reality by allowing all that wish, to have access to our programs and services.

For Six years, our organization has pledged to turn no one away from programs and services due to their inability to pay. One way Community Lifestyle honors that pledge is with the charitable support raised from our community.

Join us for a fun gathering in support of Community Lifestyle's Be Someone's Hero Campaign

Be Someone's Hero Fundraising Dinner

Male Swimming Coach Giving Boy Holding Float One To One Lesson In Pool
Portrait of cute little african american child in red superhero costume and mask