About Us

In the heart of Hoboken, where aspiration meets opportunity, Community Lifestyle has taken root as a beacon of hope, a platform where dreams are not just nurtured but realized. With deep-rooted ties in the community, our journey started with a simple yet profound vision: to create a nurturing, inclusive, and vibrant ecosystem where the youth and teens can thrive, far away from the adversities that mar their path to growth.

Our Vision

Our vision offers youth and teens high quality enrichment activities that focus on creating a “safe haven” – programs that create a sense of community, enabling young people to work with peers and adult mentors, in an environment of trust and respect. Through guided learning and Physical activity our youth and teens will engage in a variety of programs, including, arts, music, health and wellness, life skills development, employment and training, education, social and recreation.

Our Mission

To foster a commitment to youth and teens that will promote pro-social friendships, strong interpersonal skills and reassert sense of hope in the future

Our Values


At Community Lifestyle, we embrace the diverse tapestry of backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives that our community brings. We celebrate the uniqueness of each individual, fostering an environment where everyone feels seen, respected, and valued.


Our approach is rooted in empathy. We strive to understand the unique journeys of each child, to walk in their shoes, and to foster a compassionate community where support and understanding are not just offered but ingrained in our culture.


In a world that is often unpredictable, we provide a haven of stability. Our programs are designed to offer a consistent, reliable presence in the lives of the children we serve, helping them build strong foundations for a prosperous future.


We believe in the power of connections. Through our programs, we facilitate opportunities for children to connect with mentors, peers, and the community at large, fostering bonds that can uplift, inspire, and pave the way for collaborative growth.

Our Journey

Our journey is spearheaded by our Founder and CEO, Louis Quinones, a beacon of resilience and inspiration. Having grown up in public housing in NYC, Louis transformed the mentorship and guidance he received into a powerful movement that seeks to uplift others. Under his leadership, Community Lifestyle has evolved as a nurturing ground where youth and teens find the encouragement, resources, and support they need to carve out successful, fulfilling futures.

Our Team

Driven by a dynamic team of professionals and board members who embody our core values in every initiative we undertake, Community Lifestyle is more than an organization; it’s a family where every child finds the warmth, guidance, and resources to grow into conscientious, empowered adults.

Join Us

Together, we can forge a future where every child can look forward to a life full of opportunities, growth, and happiness. Become a part of our family, and let us build a vibrant, inclusive community together.

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