Let's Invest in Future Heroes

As a non-profit organization, Community Lifestyle relies on contributions from members of the community, grants and scholarships and community sponsorships to allow us to subsidize the cost of programs for youth and teens. 100% of each contributed dollar goes to support the youth and teens of Community Lifestyle.

Join Forces With Hoboken Elite

There is real synergy between Hoboken Elite and Community Lifestyle. Working together, we will bring more opportunities and experience to the children of Hoboken.


We are an organization with a passion for helping youth and teens. We empower them to feel a sense of value, purpose, belonging, trust, and experience growth and development. We are unique in that we nurture these qualities in young people within their communities, as we aim to instill a sense of pride within them to advocate, sustain, and enhance their communities in a variety of ways. We work to create a culture of transparency. Youth voices are valued and promoted whenever there is an opportunity.

Inspire Youth to Thrive

Through various programs designed to spark real change in our youth, we believe we positively impact our community in ways no other organization can. We are elevating how youth see themselves and what they can accomplish, from ensuring our youth are set for success, college, and career preparedness to teaching the art of empowerment.

Join The Solution

Volunteers are our backbone. From coaching a team to inspiring local change, you will find a variety of rewarding ways to give back.  

Support Community Lifestyle

For 6 years, our organization has pledged to accommodate all youth and teens- whether or not they have the ability to pay. Our commitment to these bright and capable children is driven and expanded on the charitable support you show for your greater community.

Why Support?

Our youth and teens living at The Hoboken Housing Authority community have long been identified as an underserved area that is geographically isolated from many services and amenities that many citizens take for granted, such as quality youth programs, teen programs, and other social programs. Almost 95% of the residents are below the level of poverty. Due to their economic and family constraints, children in these housing units typically do not have access to quality after-school programming or positive summer camp opportunities as they are cost or location prohibitive. Our mission at Community Lifestyle is to foster a commitment to youth and teens that will promote pro-social friendships, strong interpersonal skills and reassert a sense of hope in the future.

Community Lifestyle is a nonprofit, 501 (c)(3)