UPCOMING practice and scrimmage SCHeDULE

League sponsors

coaches needed


To foster a commitment to youth and teens that will promote pro-social friendships, strong interpersonal skills and reassert sense of hope in the future.


The 2021 league will begin in Spring/Summer. This 6-8 week season will be played throughout the week including weekends

Games will be played in Hoboken,

Approximately 300-400 youth and teens from Hoboken will participate in the league


teens take the city

Teens Take The City is a leadership development program that offers teens the opportunity to get involved in issues affecting their community. Teens will help clean their city by doing community services from painting over graffiti to serving meals to those in need.

We CANNOT do this without you!

None of this can happen without funding. It costs Community Lifestyle approximately $60,000 to have 70 children in our Camp each year. The demand for year-round expansion of our programs has prompted us to set a fundraising goal of $ 110,000, double our current budget. The success of our programs could not have been possible without the generous contributions made by individuals and corporate sponsors like you. Please accept this invitation to be a role model by helping to spark the dreams and imaginations of at-risk youth–gift them a real opportunity to have a safe and bright future!