Community Lifestyle Teen Agenda is a reminder, a resolution, and a pledge to an important, often ignored, and sometimes maligned sector of America’s population – TEENS!  It is Community Lifestyle’s commitment to support teens in their passage from childhood to adulthood and ensuring that they are prepared to become productive and engaged citizens. 


Teens take the city

Teens Take The City is a leadership development program that offer Teens the opportunity to get involved in issues affecting their community. Teens will help clean their city by doing community services from painting over graffiti to serving meals to those in need.

Tuesdays (Starting May 2)

Time: 3:30pm

Location: 311 Harrison Street Hoboken, NJ 07030


Teen Government

Teens in Government lets Teens experience how their state and county government operates from the inside out. Starting with issues that stir their passions, teens learn to debate, work on public policies and with government officials to make changes in the community.

Starting Fall 2019

Future leaders

Future Leaders is a program that offers leadership training to develop important leadership concepts in Teens. Interactive training, interviews with business professionals and learning to manage other teens.

January 2020


instructors in traning

Instructors-in-Training is designed to provide training to teens. This program includes sessions on teaching children, basic skills related to sports, arts, and other programs, class handling skills, how to develop a lesson plan.

Starting June 2019