It’s never too early to develop a child’s love for athletics. Our programs are the perfect introduction to sport, promoting fine and gross motor skills development and a strong foundation through physical fitness in your child’s most crucial years of development.

All Types of Sports

We offer children exposure to various activities like Soccer, T-ball, Basketball and Flag Football. This program is a perfect program for working parents especially our Multi-Sports program because it allows their children to participate in activities that many parents now a days may not have the time to take their children to. We can arrange to have our coaches come on site and conduct the classes at your facility. To do so, the pre-school must have an indoor and/or outdoor area that is roughly 20’ x 20’.  An outdoor surface needs to be grass, artificial turf or a rubber-type flooring.  An indoor surface can be a carpeted or a gymnasium-type flooring.

Multi Sports

Each class runs for 1 hour covering two different sports each class, with a focus on all the fundamental movement skills of each sport. Sports include: Soccer, T-ball, Basketball and Flag football. 

Prices For All

as low as

$4/per class per child
Skill Development
Enhancing Self-Confidence
Social Interaction


Our soccer program includes games and activities that allow kids to learn at their own pace while having fun to improve their motor skills. While enjoying themselves, the program aims to instill a sense of enjoyment and excitement about the game of soccer that will lead to a lifelong love of the game.

If you are a pre-school director or a parent that is interested in having us come to your child’s pre-school, please contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss specifics of the program.

Sports Anytime Anywhere

You pick a day and time in which you would like to hold a 4-week program, invite your child’s friends and neighbors to participate and we’ll provide you with an electronic flyer of course. We’ll then let you know which of our coaches has been assigned to your program.


  1. A minimum of 8 enrollees.
  2. Application for each enrollee must be submitted hard copy or online 1 week prior to program start date.

As a thank you, we will waive your child fee.