Making a difference

There are many issues facing New Jersey’s youth and teens. As the foundation of our future, it is critical that our youth and teens have an opportunity to obtain needed services to participate in social, recreational and sporting activities, to attend a safe and welcoming gathering place that is free from drugs and alcohol. Further, the City’s urban community also face many challenges and require access to much needed services.  By creating Community Lifestyle, we are focused on addressing the needs to improving access to services and investing in young people today, recognizing that our youth and teens are the foundation of our city’s future workers

our vision

Community Lifestyle is a nonprofit, designated as a 501 (c) (3) organization by the IRS. Our vision offers youth and teens high quality enrichment activities that focus on creating a “safe haven” – programs that create a sense of community, enabling young people to work with peers and adult mentors, in an environment of trust and respect. Through guided learning and Physical activity our youth and teens will engage in a variety of programs, including, arts, music, health and wellness, life skills development, employment and training, education, social and recreation.

our mission

To foster a commitment to youth and teens that will promote pro-social friendships, strong interpersonal skills and reassert sense of hope in the future

our values

We believe in our values:

  • We promote Diversity and Empathy
  • We provide Stability 
  • We encourage Connectedness.

our impact

We have served over 400 youth and teens in variety of programs, including health and wellness, life skill development, employment and training, education, social, recreational programming. 

  • The organization is governed by 7 board members. 

Board of Directors consisting of skilled local people who give their time voluntarily to provide strategic direction and over-sight of the organization. The Board meets ten times per year

  • We currently have 44 program volunteers that assist in delivering an increasing our range of services.  Volunteers are our most valuable assets as they give freely of their valuable time, talents and expertise. 

Louis Quinones


Founder // CEO

Louis Quinones

I’m constantly pinching myself. To see the ongoing growth of Community Lifestyle, which would not be possible without all of our volunteers who have generously volunteered their time and efforts, as well as those who have financially supported Community Lifestyle over the years.