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Community Lifestyle received a 501(c)(3) acceptance letter on June 6, 2017 and was funded on October 11, 2016. We are an organization with a passion for helping youth and teens and we empower them to feel a sense of value and purpose, belonging and trust, and experience growth and development. We are unique in that we nurture these qualities in young people within their communities, as we aim to instill a sense of pride within them to advocate, sustain, and enhance their communities in a variety of ways. We also create a culture of openness and transparency. Youth voice is valued and promoted whenever there is an opportunity

I like camp because it's a very joyful place. It takes kids off the streets and it takes your mind off of the negativity in my community. I get to socialize with kids in a safe environment, and I love to be a helping hand with the kids. I like to help organize and clean up, and I enjoy it so much that I never wanna leave. I'm always the last one at camp which always gives me the opportunity to clean up and help out. Camp is a place where you can't builled and never get left out. At camp there's to amazing Conselurs Ms.G and Mr.Loius. They always make sure you're in check and make sure nothing bad happens to you. This is why I like Community Lifestyle Camp. And I wish we do end up doing an after school program.
Samantha Pennington


We seek to create a dynamic and fun environment where youth & teens grow, develop, and lead in programs and activities. Community Lifestyle promote youth and teens to engage in their interests, community, and ultimately become healthy, contributing adults. We seek to assist our youth in taking an active role in self‐determination of their own life path. We also develop programs and services for youth & teens to provide social, recreational and fitness activities.

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